6 letter words you can make with inehtw

  • whiten
    1. whiten is worth 12 points.

      » turn white

5 letter words you can make with inehtw

  • thein
    1. thein is worth 8 points.

  • thine
    1. thine is worth 8 points.

  • twine
    1. twine is worth 8 points.

      » spin, wind, or twist together
      » form into a spiral shape
      » arrange or or coil around
      » a lightweight cord
      » make by twisting together or intertwining
  • whine
    1. whine is worth 11 points.

      » make a high-pitched, screeching noise
      » complain whiningly
      » talk in a tearful manner
      » a complaint uttered in a plaintive whining way
      » move with a whining sound
  • white
    1. white is worth 11 points.

      » a Caucasian
      » United States writer noted for his humorous essays (1899-1985)
      » United States architect (1853-1906)
      » a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows southeastward through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri
      » (usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth
      » anemic looking from illness or emotion
      » restricted to whites only
      » marked by the presence of snow
      » the white part of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance surrounding the yolk consisting mainly of albumin dissolved in water
      » United States educator who in 1865 (with Ezra Cornell) founded Cornell University and served as its first president (1832-1918)
      » turn white
      » (of a surface) not written or printed on
      » Australian writer (1912-1990)
      » glowing white with heat
      » the quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness (bearing the least resemblance to black)
      » United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1910 by President Taft; noted for his work on antitrust legislation (1845-1921)
      » United States political journalist (1915-1986)
      » (of hair) having lost its color
      » being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light
      » benevolent; without malicious intent
      » (board games) the lighter pieces
      » free from moral blemish or impurity; unsullied
      » (of coffee) having cream or milk added
      » of or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration
      » of summer nights in northern latitudes where the sun barely sets
  • withe
    1. withe is worth 11 points.

4 letter words you can make with inehtw

  • hent
    1. hent is worth 7 points.

  • hewn
    1. hewn is worth 10 points.

      » cut or shaped with hard blows of a heavy cutting instrument like an ax or chisel
  • hint
    1. hint is worth 7 points.

      » a slight indication
      » a just detectable amount
      » drop a hint; intimate by a hint
      » a slight but appreciable amount
      » an indirect suggestion
      » an indication of potential opportunity
  • newt
    1. newt is worth 7 points.

      » small usually bright-colored semiaquatic salamanders of North America and Europe and northern Asia
  • nite
    1. nite is worth 4 points.

  • then
    1. then is worth 7 points.

      » subsequently or soon afterward (often used as sentence connectors)
      » at a specific prior time
      » that time; that moment
  • thew
    1. thew is worth 10 points.

  • thin
    1. thin is worth 7 points.

  • tine
    1. tine is worth 4 points.

      » prong on a fork or pitchfork or antler
  • twin
    1. twin is worth 7 points.

      » being two identical
      » a duplicate copy
      » (astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Gemini
      » duplicate or match
      » a waterfall in the Snake River in southern Idaho
      » bring two objects, ideas, or people together
      » either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy
      » give birth to twins
      » grow as twins
  • went
    1. went is worth 7 points.

  • when
    1. when is worth 10 points.

  • whet
    1. whet is worth 10 points.

  • whin
    1. whin is worth 10 points.

      » small Eurasian shrub having clusters of yellow flowers that yield a dye; common as a weed in Britain and the United States; sometimes grown as an ornamental
      » very spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers; common throughout western Europe
      » any of various hard colored rocks (especially rocks consisting of chert or basalt)
  • whit
    1. whit is worth 10 points.

      » a tiny or scarcely detectable amount
  • wine
    1. wine is worth 7 points.

      » a red as dark as red wine
      » fermented juice (of grapes especially)
      » drink wine
      » treat to wine
  • wite
    1. wite is worth 7 points.

  • with
    1. with is worth 10 points.

3 letter words you can make with inehtw

  • eth
    1. eth is worth 6 points.

  • hen
    1. hen is worth 6 points.

      » adult female chicken
      » adult female bird
      » female of certain aquatic animals e.g. octopus or lobster
      » flesh of an older chicken suitable for stewing
  • het
    1. het is worth 6 points.

  • hew
    1. hew is worth 9 points.

      » make or shape as with an axe
      » strike with an axe; cut down, strike
  • hie
    1. hie is worth 6 points.

      » move hurridly
  • hin
    1. hin is worth 6 points.

  • hit
    1. hit is worth 6 points.

      » drive something violently into a location
      » kill intentionally and with premeditation
      » gain points in a game
      » a conspicuous success
      » hit with a missile from a weapon
      » (physics) a brief event in which two or more bodies come together
      » make a strategic, offensive, assault against an enemy, opponent, or a target
      » affect or afflict suddenly, usually adversely
      » reach a point in time, or a certain state or level
      » encounter by chance
      » cause to experience suddenly
      » the act of contacting one thing with another
      » produce by manipulating keys or strings of musical instruments
      » reach a destination, either real or abstract
      » hit against; come into sudden contact with
      » a connection made via the internet to another website
      » a dose of a narcotic drug
      » a murder carried out by an underworld syndicate
      » (baseball) a successful stroke in an athletic contest (especially in baseball)
      » cause to move by striking
      » deal a blow to, either with the hand or with an instrument
      » hit the intended target or goal
      » pay unsolicited and usually unwanted sexual attention to
  • net
    1. net is worth 3 points.

      » the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
      » an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals
      » a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange
      » yield as a net profit
      » make as a net profit
      » construct or form a web, as if by weaving
      » catch with a net
      » conclusive in a process or progression
      » remaining after all deductions
      » a goal lined with netting (as in soccer or hockey)
      » a trap made of netting to catch fish or birds or insects
      » game equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton
  • new
    1. new is worth 6 points.

      » original and of a kind not seen before
      » (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development; before complete maturity
      » used of a living language; being the current stage in its development
      » lacking training or experience
      » having no previous example or precedent or parallel
      » very recently
      » in use after medieval times
      » not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered
      » (often followed by `to') unfamiliar
      » other than the former one(s); different
      » unaffected by use or exposure
  • nit
    1. nit is worth 3 points.

  • nth
    1. nth is worth 6 points.

  • ten
    1. ten is worth 3 points.

  • tew
    1. tew is worth 6 points.

  • the
    1. the is worth 6 points.

      » A word placed before nouns to limit or individualize their meaning.
      » By that; by how much; by so much; on that account; used before comparatives.
  • tie
    1. tie is worth 3 points.

      » a social or business relationship
      » a fastener that serves to join or connect
      » finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, etc.
      » create social or emotional ties
      » one of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track
      » a horizontal beam used to prevent two other structural members from spreading apart or separating
      » fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
      » the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided
      » connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces
      » neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front
      » perform a marriage ceremony
      » a cord (or string or ribbon or wire etc.) with which something is tied
      » equality of score in a contest
      » form a knot or bow in
      » limit or restrict to
      » make by tying pieces together
      » (music) a slur over two notes of the same pitch; indicates that the note is to be sustained for their combined time value
      » unite musical notes by a tie
  • tin
    1. tin is worth 3 points.

  • wen
    1. wen is worth 6 points.

  • wet
    1. wet is worth 6 points.

      » very drunk
      » producing or secreting milk
      » wetness caused by water
      » cause to become wet
      » consisting of or trading in alcoholic liquor
      » covered or soaked with a liquid such as water
      » make one's bed or clothes wet by urinating
      » containing moisture or volatile components
      » supporting or permitting the legal production and sale of alcoholic beverages
  • win
    1. win is worth 6 points.

      » attain success or reach a desired goal
      » something won (especially money)
      » win something through one's efforts
      » obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
      » acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions
      » a victory (as in a race or other competition)
      » be the winner in a contest or competition; be victorious
  • wit
    1. wit is worth 6 points.

      » a witty amusing person who makes jokes
      » mental ability
      » a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter

2 letter words you can make with inehtw

  • eh
    1. eh is worth 5 points.

  • en
    1. en is worth 2 points.

      » half the width of an em
  • et
    1. et is worth 2 points.

  • he
    1. he is worth 5 points.

  • hi
    1. hi is worth 5 points.

      » a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands
      » an expression of greeting
  • in
    1. in is worth 2 points.

      » a state in midwestern United States
      » to or toward the inside of
      » a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
      » a rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite
      » currently fashionable
      » directed or bound inward
      » holding office
  • it
    1. it is worth 2 points.

      » the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information
      » The neuter pronoun of the third person, corresponding to the masculine pronoun he and the feminine she, and having the same plural (they, their, theirs, them).
  • ne
    1. ne is worth 2 points.

  • ti
    1. ti is worth 2 points.

  • we
    1. we is worth 5 points.

      » The plural nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word with which a person in speaking or writing denotes a number or company of which he is one, as the subject of an action expressed by a verb.
      » The plural nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word with which a person in speaking or writing denotes a number or company of which he is one, as the subject of an action expressed by a verb.
      » The plural nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word with which a person in speaking or writing denotes a number or company of which he is one, as the subject of an action expressed by a verb.

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