Word Descrambler - Descramble Words in your Favorite Word Game

Descramble letters and words quickly and easily!

UnscrambleX's Word Descrambler Tool

Our free Word Descrambler is a tool created to help you find the highest-scoring words from scrambled letters or scrambled words. If you want to boost your scores in word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends - we've got you covered!

To get started, simply enter the letters from your tiles into the Word Descrambler search box. When you press the "Unscramble it" button, you'll have all the possible words on your screen in less than a second!

Of course, UnscrambleX isn't just an anagram solver for word puzzles - it's also a great way of finding new words for creative projects too. Ever wondered what your name is an anagram of? Maybe you could combine your name with a friend's or partner's name to see what you get when you're combined. The possibilities are endless!

How to Use Our Word Descrambler

To get started, all you need to do is type the letters you've got into the Word Descrambler search box you see above. The search box is on every page - so you never need to worry about losing it!

Enter your letters with no spaces, then click "Unscramble it". In less than a second, you'll be taken to a page with every possible word that can be created using the letters you've entered. We'll show you the longest words first - but you can keep scrolling through words until you get to a range of 2 letter words (perfect if you're running out of space on your word game board!)

Need a specific word length? No problem - just scroll to find valid words that are the perfect length for the move you're about to make. Need multiple words for your game? Again, no problem - they're in a convenient list ready for you to use.

How to use our Advanced Filters

Getting a bunch of word combinations is perfect if you're making the opening move in Scrabble, Words with Friends, or other word scramble games - but what if you've got other words and letters to work around? Maybe you need a Wordle Solver after guessing a couple of correct words? This is where our Advanced Filters are your perfect secret weapon!

Again, you can enter up to 15 letters in our search box - but you can refine the answers you get so they fit your game perfectly.

Here's how to use our Word Descrambler advanced filters:

1 - Choose your Dictionary

First, choose the dictionary type that's right for your game. Choose between Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words with Friends dictionaries to make sure the word you choose is suitable for the word descrambling game you're playing.

2 - Choose an Optional Starting Letter

Got a first letter in mind? Maybe there's a space for a word that's just too good to miss, but you need to begin with a letter that's already been played. Simply enter the starting letter in the 'Starts with' box, and our Word Descrambler will make sure you only get words beginning with this letter.

3 - Choose an Optional Ending Letter

Maybe there's a gap in your word game that means you'll end on a letter that's already been played? Or maybe you need a Wordle Solver, and you've only discovered the final letter? No problem - just enter your word's final letter in the "Ends with" box, and our Word Descrambler will only give you words that feature this letter at the end.

4 - Add Letters Your Word Should Contain

Seen a great opportunity to pass through a word that's already been played? Simply add the existing letters in the "Contains letters" box, and our unscramble letters tool will make sure they're contained in the Word Descrambler results you see.

Word Descrambler Wildcard Searches (For Blank Tiles and More)

Blank tiles in games like Scrabble or Words with Friends are an amazing opportunity to play a huge range of words - but it can be difficult knowing how to use them!

This is where our 'wildcard' feature is especially useful!

When you enter letters into our word solver box, you can add up to 2 'wildcards' by using the question mark character (?) to factor in your blank tiles - and our word scrambler engine will show you every possible word that can be created by adding wildcard characters.

Wondering how long this would take you if you sat down with a dictionary?! Spoiler alert - it's a LONG time! The good news is, our jumble solver will unscramble your letters in less than a second - making it the perfect Words with Friends cheat tool, Wordscapes answers finder, or Scrabble Go word finder!

Is Using a Word Descrambler Cheating?

Are you worried about our word unscrambler giving you an unfair advantage in word games? What if we told you that 93% of people who play word games also use word descrambler tools? Using a word descrambler doesn't make you a Scrabble cheat or make the game unfair - in fact, the chances are - it makes it more fair!

If you're playing a word puzzle in a serious competition, the rules will say you can't use a tool to create words or rearrange a jumbled word - but if you're playing for fun, using a jumbled letters tool just adds to the fun.

But hang on one second! What if the person you're playing against asks you what the word you've just played means?! Don't worry! We've got you covered there too! When you look through the word ideas UnscrambleX offers, you can simply click on the word you've played, and you'll get a dictionary definition, too - so no getting caught out!

And don't forget! Scrabble word finder tools and Words with Friends cheat tools do not tell you where to play your word - so there's still a lot of skill involved with placing your word. For example, the word 'Welcome' is worth 13 points in Scrabble if it doesn't cross any squares that offer a score bonus - but if you're really skilled and hit some bonus squares, welcome could be worth up to 51 points before you've added in any other words you create!