Word Scrambler - Discover Valid Words in Your Favorite Word Games

Unscramble words and letters in less than a second!

UnscrambleX's Word Scrambler Tool

Many of the best word games need you to unscramble letters and words to make a new word or multiple words. The trouble is, you're often against the clock or progressing through levels - and if you don't find the words you need quickly, your progress stops dead!

We don't want a single word or level to stand in your way - so our word scrambler tool will help you find possible words using all the letters or existing words your word game presents you with. Enter your letters in the word unscrambler box above, and you'll have new words from the jumbled letters in less than a second!

Our word scramble solver is a perfect companion for a huge range of games. Looking for a Scrabble cheat or Words with Friends cheat tool? We've got you covered! Maybe you need Wordscapes answers or a Wordle solver? Again - no problem! Our tool will help you find words that would otherwise take hours! Then again, maybe you're the quiz master, and you need some help to create a scrambled word - we're here to help baffle your audience!

How to Use Our Word Scrambler

Got your word scramble game open? Good! Getting help from our word descrambler tool is just seconds away!

First, type the letters you've been given into the box you'll find on this page and every page on UnscrambleX - then, press "Unscramble it," and seconds later, you'll have your answers! It really is that simple. You'll be taken to your results page in less than a second, where you'll find all the possible works that can be made from your scrambled letters in length order.

How many words do you need? Need as many words as possible? Great - you'll see them all listed on your page. Need the longest words you can find? Or maybe you need some 2 letter words? Again - no problem - just scroll through them to find the ones that are right for you!

Using Advanced Filters

What happens if you're playing word scramble games that need certain letters or words of a certain length? Don't worry - this is where our advanced filters have got you covered!

Our range of advanced features turns our unscrambling words tool into a quick and easy <anagram solver, Scrabble GO word finder, Wordle solver, or even Words with Friends cheat tool!

Type your letters into our word search box - then press the 'Advanced filters' option underneath.

1 - Choose the right dictionary

Our word unscrambler tool lets you choose between Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words with Friends dictionaries - so you can make sure you're getting results that will definitely be playable in your chosen game.

2 - Choose a starting letter (optional)

If you'd like, you can add a starting letter - just type it into the "Starts with" box. This is helpful if you're using our search as a Scrabble word finder - because it means you can play your word from a tile that's already on the board and must be included.

3 - Choose an ending letter (optional)

If you're looking for a word and it would be helpful for it to have a certain ending letter, you can enter it in our "Ends with" field. This is ideal for word puzzles like crosswords, where you might already have a final letter, and you want to make sure your chosen word will fit.

4 - Add letters your word should contain (optional)

If you're trying to work with a word that's already on the board, our word solver advanced filters let you search for words that contain certain letters. This makes our word scramble maker perfect if you're looking for a Word with Friends cheat tool - because it means you'll score points for your word AND your opponent's original word!

How to Use Word Scrambler Wildcards

Our letter jumble solver tool also gives you the ability to add wildcard letters to your search - a perfect way to deal with those tricky blank tiles in Scrabble and Words with Friends. If you've got blank tiles ready to play, simply enter them as a question mark (?) in the search box - then our innovative search engine will find the best possible words without you having to sit for hours thinking about which random letter would be the best fit!

This feature is fantastic if you're playing against the clock - it'll give you a huge number of words in less than a second - much faster than any human brain can gather such a long list!

Other Uses for Our Word Scrambler Tool

While our word scramble tool works perfectly as a companion for Scrabble enthusiasts and word game warriors, its uses stretch beyond the game board. Here are some creative and educational ways you can use our unscramble words tool:

Enhancing Vocabulary

Regularly challenging yourself with word scrambles can significantly expand your vocabulary. Discover new words and their meanings as you play, turning each unscramble session into a learning opportunity.

Brain Training

Give your brain a workout! Solving scrambled words enhances cognitive functions, including memory, problem-solving skills, and concentration. It's a fun and engaging way to keep your mind sharp.

Writing Aid

Stuck on a rhyme or need inspiration for your writing? Input letters and let our tool suggest words that could fit your narrative or poem. It's like having a brainstorming buddy at your fingertips.

Teaching Tool

Teachers and tutors can use the scrambler to create engaging classroom activities. Whether it's spelling practice, vocabulary tests, or just a fun break from the usual routine, students will benefit from the challenge.

Party Games and Quizes

Planning a game night? Incorporate word scrambles into your party games for some brainy fun. It's a great way to get guests interacting and competing in a friendly, intellectual manner.