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Wordscapes is a fantastic spin on the crossword puzzle format - but if you play Wordscapes, you'll know how frustrating it can be to not progress, miss that challenge word or miss out on bonus words! This is where Wordscapes cheats are especially useful - helping you form words that you wouldn't ordinarily recognise or words you simply do not know.

By entering the letters you're working with into our search bar above and then pressing "Unscramble it," - you'll have all the Wordscapes answers you'll ever need in less than a second!

How Do You Play Wordscapes?

Ready to get started with the online world's favorite word game? Here's what you need to get started!

Firstly, you'll need to download Wordscapes from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. While in-app purchases are available, you can play for free and still have access to the best parts of the game.

Playing Wordscapes

When you get started with a game, you'll see a scenic background and a circular puzzle at the bottom of your screen, known as the "letter wheel." The letter wheel contains a selection of letters for each level. Your task is to swipe these letters to form words.

Simply swipe your finger over the letters to form words - correct words will automatically populate the crossword grid above the letter wheel. The level is complete when you fill all the crossword slots correctly. As you progress, puzzles become more challenging, with more letters and larger grids.

Coins and Wordscapes Bonus Words

Every time you create a word, you'll get coins, which can be used to buy hints to reveal letters if you get stuck. You'll also find bonus words that give you extra coins. A bonus word is one that's valid but isn't part of the crossword answers that snap into the grid - and, since these offer extra coins, having a jumble solver close by helps you bag extra coins!

Word Rush

Word Rush is a sub-game within Wordscapes that pits your skill at word puzzles against the clock! In a set amount of time, you've got to find as many words as possible.

Although it might sound easy, the additional pressure of a time limit in Word Rush makes it especially tricky. If you find yourself going blank as the second tick away - it's tempting to cheat! Wordscapes answers are only ever a few seconds away when you use UnscrambleX's jumble solver tool though, so we've got you covered!


Throughout Wordscapes, you can earn 'power-ups' - types of hints that come in 4 different categories. First up is the Bullseye hint - giving you the chance to reveal any letter in a blank space. This is helpful for guessing - but it's also helpful if you want to use the advanced filters in our anagram solver tool so you only get relevant words.

Next up is the Lightbulb hint - an enhanced version of the Bullseye that gives you a full word! If you'd like a hint that offers help across a few words, Rocket Pop is the one you're looking for though - it's quite the display when you use it and it'll reveal letters at random across all the words in the crossword.

Finally, there's the Spelling Bee bonus - a great way to bag plenty of extra coins. Like Rocket Pop, it reveals a range of letters but also drops coins over some of the most challenging words in the game.

Keen to get your hands on power ups? Our Wordscapes and Words with Friends Cheat tool will keep your game flowing, so you're more likely to get those valuable powerups!

Wordscapes Tips and Tricks

Whether you're a veteran player or a beginner, it's useful to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve to make sure you're getting the most from all the letters in the word wheel - especially when it comes to finding bonus words.

With years of Wordscapes play under our belts, here's our tips for players of all experience levels:

Practice Makes Perfect

Know that feeling of being tired or worn-out and finding yourself forgetting names, words, or things to do? Your brain gets tired just like you do - but it wakes up and becomes more alert when you use it and do certain tasks regulalry. By playing Wordscapes each day, you train your brain to see patterns in words that a less-regular player just wouldn't see.

Aim for Bonus Words

Got one 4-letter gap but a 3-letter word in your head? Play it! Remember, as long as you're forming a real word, you're going to bag bonus words and coins - which can be redeemed for hints if you get stuck later. You'll thank yourself for finding bonus words when you get to super-tricky levels further down the line!

Use Hints Carefully

Don't be tempted to use your hints for easy levels or words that just need a little perseverance! If you do, you'll run out before you get to the really tricky levels when you're more likely to need those hints to keep you progressing!

Take a Shot a the Daily Puzzles

We know how easy it is to keep hacking away at the main game in an effort to see the next landscape and feel that sense of progression - but don't forget the daily games! As well as extra rewards, daily games are a fun challenge outside the main game progression.

It's OK to Use Wordscapes Cheats

There are lots of things in life that it's important to take seriously - but Wordscapes doesn't have to be one of them! Fancy speeding up your progression? Don't have time to keep trying for that final word that'll get you to the next level? Use a Wordscapes cheat tool! Our Wordscapes and Scrabble cheat tool makes it quick and easy to progress - and you might pick up a few new words along the way!

Wordscapes Answers: Advanced Filters

When you're playing Wordscapes, having thousands of words to choose from is only partly helpful - after all, you don't need to be scrolling through words that start with the letter A if you've already got a starting letter of F that another word has created.

This is where our advanced filters are super helpful. Take a look at how each Unscramble filter option can help you find the exact word you're looking for - and remember; each field is optional, so you only have to use the ones that are helpful!

1 - Choose the Right Dictionary

Wordscapes is one of a series of word games created by US company PeopleFun - as such, they use US-English spellings in their games. To make sure you're getting the right words, you can choose the US Scrabble dictionary - but don't worry if you're in a rush, most US/UK words are spelled the same way.

2 - Choose a Starting Letter

Our Wordscapes and Scrabble word finder tool lets you choose an optional starting letter. If you choose a letter here, you'll only get words that begin with that letter - saving you the trouble of scrolling through more words than you need!

3 - Choose an Ending Letter

Got an ending letter you need to include in your answer? No problem - our Word Scrambler tool makes it easy to create words that are exactly right. Enter your ending letter here, and you'll only get results that are a perfect fit for your Wordscapes daily puzzle.

4- Add Any Letters Your Word Must Contain

A Word Solver can be frustrating if it's giving you words that you can't use - so we've made our Word Descrambler different. Here, you can enter the exact set of letters that Wordscapes has given you - so the only answers you'll see are words that will fit or earn you bonuses.

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