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Get Maximum Points From Your Letter Tiles When You Play Scrabble Go!

UnscrambleX's Scrabble GO Word Finder

Our Scrabble GO cheat tool gives you the cutting edge when you're playing the world's favorite word game online! Whether you're playing Duels, Tumbler, Word Drop or Rush game modes, our Scrabble word checker will give you all the answers you could ever need in less than a second!

Simply enter your letter tiles in the search bar above, then press the "Unscramble it" button. You'll be whisked to a page where you'll see hundreds of possible words - listed from the longest to the shortest.

Our word solver tool doesn't just give you the words either - press any word you choose, and you'll be quickly shown a definition of the word too. No more worrying about playing words and not knowing their meaning - win Scrabble and expand your vocabulary at the same time!

What is Scrabble GO?

Scrabble GO takes Scrabble, one of the world's most popular word games, and transforms it into a go-anywhere digital game you can play on your phone or tablet device. Available from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, Scrabble GO is available to play free of charge - with in-app purchases offered if you want to enhance your play.

The online version of the traditional board game offers players the chance to experience new game modes too, including:

  • Duels: This mode offers a fast-paced, competitive experience with timed rounds. Players face off against each other in real time, aiming to score as many points as possible before the clock runs out. It's perfect for those looking for a quick and intense Scrabble challenge.

  • Tumbler: Tumbler is a word-finding challenge where players are given a set of letters that rotate. The objective is to create as many words as possible from these letters within a given timeframe. It tests your ability to spot word opportunities from a constantly changing letter set.

  • Word Drop: In Word Drop, the game dynamically evolves as letters that have been used to form words disappear, and new ones drop down to replace them. Players need to continuously adapt their strategy to the changing board, finding new words as the letters shift. It adds an element of strategy and unpredictability to the traditional Scrabble format.

  • Rush: Rush is a solo Scrabble experience designed for players looking to practice and improve their skills without the pressure of a live opponent. It features a smaller board and challenges players to score as many points as possible within a limited amount of time or turns. This mode is great for refining your word-building strategies and enjoying Scrabble at your own pace.

Whichever mode you choose - our online Scrabble cheat tool is here to help!

Getting Started with Our Word Finder Tool

Ready to get going with our Scrabble word finder? Type your letters into the Scrabble solver bar above then press "Unscramble it" - and let us do the rest. Our word games search engine will list every single word that's suitable for your game. You can choose the longest possible word - or scroll down to view every word possible, even 2 letter words.

To make sure every word is suitable for your game, you might decide to open our "Advanced filters". When you do, you'll be able to choose the correct Scrabble dictionary - choosing from US and UK versions. Of course, our word unscramble tool also works perfectly as a Words with Friends Cheat tool too - so don't forget to come back when you're playing this other classic game!

Learn More About Advanced Filters

Choosing the best game dictionary isn't the only extra option you have when you open our Advanced Filters. You can also choose a starting letter, choose an ending letter, and add letters you'd like to feature in your word.

This is the perfect way of accounting for tiles that are already on the board! Include the tile that's already been played in your letters, and indicate where you'd like it to be included in your word - then bag yourself the points for the word you play and the points for the word that's already down!

Every advanced unscramble option is optional in our Scrabble word finder - so use as many or as few as you need to find the perfect fit for your online board game!

Maximize Your Blank Tiles with Our Wildcard Feature

Blank tiles are great when you're given them - but unless you can think VERY quickly, it's hard to know if you've really made the most of them. To help you make sure you're maximizing your score, you can include blank tiles in our Scrabble cheat tool by simply using the question mark (?) character.

Including one or two question marks in your letters list will prompt our word descrambler to think of all the different words that can be created by using every letter in the alphabet as your blank tile. Got two? No problem - our word scrambler will give you hundreds or even thousands of words in less than a second!

Figuring out thousands of words in your head when you've got blank tiles involved is a task that would take most people weeks - and even then, they'd likely miss many words. When you use UnscrambleX's Scrabble GO word and Words with Friends cheat tool - you'll have every single word to choose from in the blink of an eye!

Is Using A Scrabble Word Finder Cheating?

Since there are no rules that can be broken when you're playing Scrabble GO online, using a word finder tool can't be considered cheating - in fact, it's more like evening the odds! Around 93% of online word game players have admitted to using an anagram solver to find Wordscapes answers, Scrabble words, or Words with Friends ideas. What's more, more than half of all Wordle players have used a Wordle Solver - despite only playing against themselves.

No one likes to lose - and since you're playing for fun, there's no harm in making sure you've got access to all the words your opponent has.

Besides, having access to words is only part of the puzzle when you're playing Scrabble GO - you've still got to play strategically and score the maximum possible points with your tiles if you want to conquer the other player! A word jumble solver can be your secret weapon!