Scrabble Cheat - Find High Scoring Words When Playing Scrabble

Find Scrabble Words Using Our Word Finder Tool

UnscrambleX's Scrabble Cheat Tool

Whether you're playing the Scrabble board game or playing Scrabble online, our word finder cheat tool will help find the highest scoring words to use. If you want to boost your score, beat a difficult opponent, or work out what to do with those tricky blank tiles - we're here to help!

All you need to do is enter the letters from your tiles into the <word solver box above. Then, press the "Unscramble it" button - and in less than a second, our Scrabble cheat tool will give you a range of new words to choose from!

Our Scrabble cheat tool is also perfect for other word unscramble games too - it works perfectly as a Scrabble Go word finder, and can be used for other word games - such as Words with Friends, Boggle, SpellTower - and can even be used as a Wordle solver, jumble solver, or anagram solver!

How to Use Our Scrabble Chat Tool

Ready to get started with our Scrabble word finder? It couldn't be easier! Just take the letters from the tiles you've got and type them into our word descrambler box above. There's a search bar on every page - so you can always access it quickly.

Enter your letters with no spaces, then click "Unscramble it". In less than a second, you'll be whisked to a page with every possible word - including the longest words that can be found. Need shorter words? No problem - just scroll through the list and you'll find words of all lengths that you can create with your letter tiles.

Using Our Advanced Filters

The only time you get to use a word that's completely your own choice when you play Scrabble is when you're the first player to place tiles on the board - so, what do you do when you have to work with tiles that are already down? This is where our advanced filters are especially useful!

You can enter up to 15 letters in our unscramble search bar - then you can refine the answers you get so they work perfectly with the tiles that are already placed.

Here's how to use our Scrabble cheat advanced filters:

1 - Choose Your Scrabble Dictionary

Worried about our Scrabble cheat search giving your foreign words? Don't be! Choose between Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words with Friends dictionaries so you can be confident the words you see are suitable for your game.

2 - Choose an Optional Starting Letter

Got the chance to play your tiles from a starting letter that's already in play? Or maybe there's a chance for a big score from a multiplier? Add the letter you want your word to start with in the "Starts with" box, and our Scrabble cheat engine will make sure you only get words beginning with this letter.

3 - Choose an Optional Ending Letter

Spotted a gap that means you'll end on a tile that's already down? Or maybe you've seen a multiplier and want a specific letter to land on it? Just tell our Scrabble cheat engine which letter you want your word to end with in the "ends with" box and you'll only get words that are a perfect fit!

4 - Add Letters Your Word Should Contain

If you've seen an opportunity to pass through a word that's already on the board - or you'd like to make sure a specific letter lands on a certain square, just add the letters in the "Contains letters" box - then our Scrabble cheat system will make sure those letters appear where you need them!

Scrabble Cheat Wildcard Searches for Blank Tiles

Blank tiles in Scrabble give you the chance to play some amazing words - but with 26 different possible letters to choose from, how can you be sure you're picking the best option?

This is where our 'wildcard' feature comes in handy!

When you enter your letters into our Scrabble cheat search box, you can add up to 2 "wildcards" by using the question mark (?) character. When you hit search, our Scrabble word finder tool will show you every possible word that can be created by adding wildcard tiles to your game.

This can speed your game up significantly! It takes a very long time to run through all the possible word options you can create with blank tiles if you're simply trying to think of them - so our Scrabble cheat engine will make things much easier. What's more, this feature can even help with other word games too - it works perfectly for finding Wordle or Wordscapes answers!

Is Using a Scrabble Cheat Service Fair?

Worried that using our Scrabble cheat search is unfair? Don't be! 93% of players admit to having used a Scrabble cheat board to try to win their word game - so you're not cheating - you're just making your chances of winning the same as the other person's!

Of course, if you're playing face-to-face in a competition, then using a Scrabble tool to find the best Scrabble word would be breaking the rules - but if you're playing for fun, our tool just gives you more possible words to choose from.

Remember - unlike Scrabble cheat boards, our tool will simply give you the words you can play - there's still a lot of skill in working out where to place your words to make sure you get the highest scoring Scrabble word possible!

Worried that someone will ask you what your word means and catch you out and accuse you of being a Scrabble cheat?! Don't be - you can click on every word on our word scrambler results page and it will give you a series of definitions too!

How to Get the Highest Scoring Words After Using a Scrabble Cheat

Since using a Scrabble or Words with Friends cheat tool still relies on your skill when it comes to placing your word - here are some handy tips that will help to make sure you get the best possible score from your tiles!

Aim for Multiplier Squares

Always try to place your words on Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter, and Triple Word squares. These can drastically increase your score, especially if you can land high-value tiles like Q or Z on a multiplier square.

Use All Your Tiles

If you can use all seven tiles in one go, Scrabble rules say you'll earn a 50-point bonus, known as a "bingo." Planning for a bingo can significantly boost your score.

Blend with Existing Words

Look for opportunities to add prefixes, suffixes, or simply blend your word with existing words on the board. This can create multiple new words and scores with a single play.

Hold Onto S and Blank Tiles

These are incredibly versatile tiles. S can turn almost any word into its plural form, and blank tiles can be used as any letter. However, use them wisely for maximum impact, ideally in combination with multipliers or to create a bingo.

Think Strategically

Consider the potential future moves your play opens up, both for you and your opponent. Sometimes, playing a lower-scoring word now can set you up for a much higher score on your next turn.