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A quick and easy word puzzle solver

UnscrambleX's Word Solver Tool

Our free Word Solver is the ideal word generator tool if you enjoy word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Boggle, Wordscapes, Wordle - or even just a good old-fashioned crossword! If you want to make sure you're getting the maximum points for your words - or simply accessing all the possible choices for your word game, we've here to help!

All you have to do is enter the letters you're working with. It might be an existing word that needs to be changed into other words - or it could be a series of random letter combinations that you need to make new words with.

Hit "Unscramble it" when you've entered your letters, then our word maker engine gets to work. In less than a second, you'll have a full list of all possible words - from the longest to the shortest. Worried about using words you don't know? Don't be! Click any word on our results page and you'll be whisked immediately to a deifnition - making our word finder tool a great way to expand your vocabulary too!

Using our Quick Word Solver

Ready to get started? It couldn't be easier! Type the letters you've got into the search bar you'll find on every UnscrambleX page - then click "Unscramble it". Your result page will only show words that can be made from the letters you've got - and you'll get your results quickly too - perfect if you're up against the clock.

You'll see the longest possible words first. Need five letter words for your unscramble game? No problem, just scroll down and you'll find the exact length you're looking for, all the way down to two letter words - perfect if you need Wordscapes answers!

Access Expert Level Words with Advanced Filters

Some of the most interesting word games require you to think a little deeper and find words that contain certain letters or have letters in specific places. This is where we go one step better than most word solver websites - giving you a series of advanced filters that you can adjust to find the perfect word!

Here's how to use them:

1- Select the Correct Dictionary

Choose the dictionary that's relevant to your game. You can choose a UK Scrabble dictionary, US Scrabble dictionary, or the worldwide Words with Friends dictionary. If you're not sure, choose the one that's relevant to the country you're playing in.

2- Choose an Optional Starting Letter

Our word descrambler advanced filters give you the option of choosing a starting letter for your word. Simply enter the letter you want your word to start with - perfect if you're looking for a Wordle Solver and you've already guessed the first letter correctly.

3 - Choose an Optional Ending Letter

Our word scrambler tool also lets you choose an optional ending letter for your word. This makes our jumble solver ideal as a Words with Friends cheat or Scrabble solver tool if there's a tile already in play that you want to take advantage of.

4 - Add Any Letters Your Word Must Contain

Need a specific letter in your word? Maybe you're using our word solver as a Scrabble GO word finder, and there's a tile down that's too good to miss? Just add the letters that your word must contain - and our word-maker tools will only give you words you can use.

How to Use Word Solver Wildcard Searches

While an anagram solver is perfect if you know all the letters your word should contain, a good Scrabble word finder also needs to allow for blank tiles - otherwise known as 'wild card tiles'.

Imagine how long it would take you to think through every one of the 26 letters of the alphabet and all the possible word combinations that could be made from these and your other letters! For most of us, thinking about this kind of problem for more than a few minutes would lead to a serious headache - but not for our Scrabble word finder and word solver tool!

Simply enter up to two question marks (?), and our Scrabble cheat engine will work out the possibilities in seconds!

When Might You Need a Word Solver?

There are thousands of word and language games out there - some online, some in-person, and some that people like to do in their heads to keep their brains active.

Take a look at some popular word games where word generators can be especially helpful:

During Competitive Games

Whether you're in the heat of a Scrabble tournament or going head-to-head in Words with Friends, a word solver can be your secret weapon. It helps you find the best possible word to outscore your opponent, ensuring that you stay one step ahead in the game.

Stuck on a Puzzle

Crosswords and word jumbles can be seriously hard work! When you're staring at an incomplete puzzle, feeling stumped, a word solver can offer a nudge in the right direction. It's like having a hint feature that brings you closer to solving the puzzle without giving it all away.

Learning New Words

If you're a language enthusiast looking to expand your vocabulary, a word solver can be an educational tool. It introduces you to words you've never heard before, enriching your language skills and giving you a wider array of expressions for daily use or creative writing.

Game Night Fun

Bring an anagram solver into your family game night to spice things up. It's not just about winning; it's about learning new words together, challenging each other's vocabularies, and ensuring everyone, from kids to adults, gets to participate and enjoy.

Brain Training

Keeping your mind sharp and agile is crucial at any age. Engaging with word solvers can be an excellent form of brain exercise, offering a fun and challenging way to practice problem-solving, enhance memory, and improve cognitive skills.

Educational Purposes

Teachers and educators can use word solvers as a resource to create engaging and educational activities. It's a fantastic way to introduce students to word games, encourage them to explore language, and develop their spelling and grammar skills in a fun, interactive way.