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Scrabble & Words with Friends points

  • dips is a valid Scrabble word with a point value of 7
  • dips is a valid Words with Friends word with a point value of 7

Definition of dips

  • appear to move downward
  • switch (a car's headlights) from a higher to a lower beam
  • dip into a liquid while eating
  • a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity
  • immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate
  • a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places
  • dip into a liquid
  • (physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon
  • a brief swim in water
  • a brief immersion
  • a candle that is made by repeated dipping in a pool of wax or tallow
  • a depression in an otherwise level surface
  • a gymnastic exercise on the parallel bars in which the body is lowered and raised by bending and straightening the arms
  • go down momentarily
  • immerse in a disinfectant solution
  • lower briefly
  • place (candle wicks) into hot, liquid wax
  • plunge (one's hand or a receptacle) into a container
  • scoop up by plunging one's hand or a ladle below the surface
  • slope downwards
  • stain an object by immersing it in a liquid
  • take a small amount from
  • tasty mixture or liquid into which bite-sized foods are dipped