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Scrabble & Words with Friends points

  • fell is a valid Scrabble word with a point value of 7 according to TWL06 dictionary
  • fell is a valid Words with Friends word with a point value of 9 according to ENABLE dictionary

Definition of fell

  • pass away rapidly (verb)


    1. fly
    2. vanish

  • the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal) (noun)


    1. hide

  • (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering (adjective)


    1. barbarous
    2. brutal
    3. cruel
    4. roughshod
    5. savage
    6. vicious

  • cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow (verb)


    1. cut down
    2. drop
    3. strike down

  • seam made by turning under or folding together and stitching the seamed materials to avoid rough edges (noun)


    1. felled seam

  • sew a seam by folding the edges (verb)

  • the act of felling something (as a tree) (noun)

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4 letter words from fell 1 words

  • fell

3 letter words from fell 2 words

  • elf
  • ell

2 letter words from fell 3 words

  • ef
  • el
  • fe