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Scrabble & Words with Friends points

  • subject is a valid Scrabble word with a point value of 18
  • subject is a valid Words with Friends word with a point value of 18

Definition of subject

  • a branch of knowledge
  • possibly accepting or permitting
  • a person who owes allegiance to that nation
  • being under the power or sovereignty of another or others
  • make subservient; force to submit or subdue
  • the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
  • something (a person or object or scene) selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation
  • a person who is subjected to experimental or other observational procedures; someone who is an object of investigation
  • some situation or event that is thought about
  • cause to experience or suffer or make liable or vulnerable to
  • (grammar) one of the two main constituents of a sentence; the grammatical constituent about which something is predicated
  • likely to be affected by something
  • (logic) the first term of a proposition
  • make accountable for