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Our site is designed to help you unscramble the letters of words while playing the Scrabble® word game, Words with Friends®, Chicktionary, Word Jumbles, Text Twist, Super Text Twist, Text Twist 2, Word Whomp, Literati, Wordscraper, Lexulous, Wordfeud and many other word games. Cheating isn't always a bad thing! In our case it is a learning tool.

How to Play Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that can be played with two to four players, and each player will have to connect the letters on the boards in order to make game legal words in order to reach the highest point value. The board is 15 tiles wide and high in length, which creates a 15 letter word limit for every player. There are 100 tiles in total for this game, two of which are blank tiles that act as a substitute for letters and 98 of which are actual letters.

Here are the rules: Everyone playing Scrabble will choose a tile at random from the tile collection, and the player who draws a letter that is closest to the letter “A” will be allowed to place the first word. In order to win against your opponent(s), you will have to score the most points by creating clever word combinations with high point values with the letters that you have been provided. This is a game where you can put your wits to the test in order to win, but you can always use a few sly methods, such as the Scrabble Checker, in order to help you make progress in the game and have an even more enjoyable experience.

What's a Scrabble Checker?

A Scrabble Word finder is basically a Scrabble dictionary cheat tool that is composed of a small library’s worth of dictionary information placed into one convenient database. Any word within a 15 letter limit can be searched and the Scrabble Checker will display every word you can use in the game. The words in the Scrabble dictionary can be sorted by point value or in alphabetical order, making it easier for you to know which words you can use in order to secure your victory in Scrabble. There are some words in the Scrabble dictionary that you will definitely not use often. These words can be considered Scrabble words. Not sure if that word your friend claimed was a scrabble word is a real scrabble word? You can check against our word lists.

Two Letter Words

One unique way of strategizing in Scrabble is by using two letter words to gain points when you find yourself having problems creating longer words. You can play any word in Scrabble as long as you can find it in the dictionary, including the two letter word “OK”. Some people may think of this strategy as a form of cheating, but it will actually be pretty helpful if you do not have space for a longer word on the board, or if you cannot think of one from the top of your head.

In fact, knowing which two letter words you are capable of using may actually help you get ahead of the game. There are more than 100 two letter word combinations that are legal to use in a game of Scrabble. While the point value may not add up to much as an individual word, they can still give you a real advantage when you have a whole stockpile of words to choose from. You can check the two letter words that can be used in one of the many word lists provided by our tool for you to read.

The Meaning of These Scrabble Words

In addition to helping you check some words to use in the game, the Scrabble Dictionary Checker will also be able to help you learn the definition of these words. It will also help you check yours and your opponents' word and make sure that it is actually a real word or if it is spelled correctly. Once you have the definition for the word you are using pulled up in the Scrabble Dictionary Checker, you will be able to proceed with the game with the extra sense of victory from knowing that your judgement was correct.

Playing to Win

There are many different strategies that you can utilize to win at Scrabble, but a few additional tips would definitely benefit you. You are playing to win, so it would only make sense to look for any other sources of information that can help you get ahead. Use these tips in order to secure an advantage against your opponents while putting your wits to the test.

You can always test out different word combinations in order to gain an advantage on the board. Even if you are stuck with a hand of all consonants or all vowels, you can use WordFinder in order to see which combinations you will be able to use. Keep in mind that no hand is unplayable in Scrabble no matter how ridiculous your hand may be.

Sometimes, shorter words that can be considered as slang are legally allowed to be used in the game. For example, "OK" is an okay word to use in Scrabble. In fact, there is a high chance you can use a few words from other languages in order to gain a higher score on the board.

Use your imagination and knowledge so you can have the advantage in the game. Do not be afraid to broaden your horizons by reading any form of dictionaries or the Scrabble Check feature to help you. Most of all, take advantages if words that end in "ING".


Is There an Official Scrabble Players Dictionary?

There is, in fact, a dictionary tool that Scrabble players can use to check if a Scrabble word complies with the rules! This official Scrabble dictionary tool is known as the OSPD, made available by Merriam-Webster. There are some words that may not appear on the online version of the Scrabble dictionary, so it may benefit you more to check for the shortened version of the word you are trying to find.

How do I Use a Word Cheat in Scrabble

A dictionary word finder or word list will be a huge help when playing Scrabble. All you really have to do is enter the combination of letters you have in your hand and the online dictionary word finder will be able to help you find a word list including that combination. The word finder will also help you find the definition of the words, their synonyms, and whether the word is a verb, adverb, noun, or adjective.

How do I Challenge a Word that May Not Belong?

You will be able to challenge a word that you may think will not be allowed in the game by requesting to look in the Scrabble dictionary. You must request to challenge the word before the next player starts their turn and places their own tiles. You can enter the word in our online checker and, if the word is not found in the Scrabble dictionary, then the player who placed the illegal word must remove the tiles they used and their turn will be lost. This may prove to become an advantage in any game of Scrabble, especially if you have extensive knowledge beforehand of the words that you can and cannot use.

What is the Value of Each Scrabble Tile?

In total, the face point value is 187. Each letter is worth a different amount of points. Depending on the combinations you use in game, you can rack up enough points to get ahead of your opponents.

With our Scrabble checker, you'll appreciate and love the game even more than ever before!