The Best Scrabble Tips For New Players

Have you recently discovered the joys and excitement that a game of Scrabble can bring? If so, congratulations, and welcome to this worldwide community!

Playing The Game

You and your fellow Scrabble players can share insights, cheats, and other ideas about this amazing game.

Thanks to the internet and the similar word games available, any Scrabble enthusiast can perfect their skills daily.

If you want to take your word gaming offline, there are event board game enthusiasts that you can meet up with, from websites like, to test your Scrabble skills in a real-life setting.

Get An Edge On The Competition

As a Scrabble beginner, it may feel overwhelming to try and beat the competition, but there are so many ways that you can improve your skills.

  • Read The Full Instruction Manual

You will be amazed at how many so-called Scrabble enthusiasts, who religiously play this or other word games, will say that they have never taken the time to read the original manual.

If you already know how to play Scrabble, then you may think reading the manual is a waste of time, but you could not be more wrong!

The Scrabble manual provides a surprising amount of tips that are ideal for new players to the game, as well as offering experienced players something else to consider if they want to improve their scores.

  • Learn Two and Three Letter Words

This is something that Hasbro, the brains behind the Scrabble board game, suggests to new players, so you know it is a worthwhile tip!

One of the best ways to have an edge over the competition is by learning as many two and three-letter words you can.

This can be done online, so start searching for short words that you can use immediately to be prepared for your next game.

  • Keep The Rack Balanced

Make sure to keep around three vowels and four consonants on your letter rack during a game at all times, as this will give you the best chance at coming up with good word combinations at any point.

  • Prefix it!

You can miss out on so many great opportunities for creating words if you do not consider prefixes that can be added to the ones already on the board.

Everyone thinks about pluralizing words, but prefixes can give you more points, so don’t overlook them.

  • Ish It

Likewise, think about words where the suffix ‘ish’ can be added to create high scoring combinations. Ish is a suffix we use a lot in conversations, so why not bring it to the Scrabble word and win some points!

  • Q with No Us and Es

One of the first things Scrabble enthusiasts do is look into words that begin with 'Q' that they can use without the following 'u.' This is something you should also do, but at the same time, do not forget about words with 'Q' that can also be used without an 'e' to open up more possibilities.